Finding the why in F.I.

Live like nobody else now so you can live like nobody else later


16 minute read

Go to college, study hard, get an internship, land your first job, save 8-10% of your income every year, work for 40 years, and finally spend the last few years of your life living comfortably. That’s the American dream… right? Well, I don’t know about you, but that’s the American dream I was told about growing up.

Tidying Up

Starting things off right this new year.


3 minute read

I remember someone seeing my inbox on my phone a few months ago and joking about how the number on my email inbox gave them anxiety. I laughed and told them it didn’t bother me. And - to be fair - it didn’t. I’ve never cared much about my email inbox being tidy. I think when I started out my career I told myself I would be at “inbox 0” and that it would allow me to be much more productive and efficient in the workplace.