Southern Japan in Spring

Kagoshima, Hiroshima, and Himeji


14 minute read

Well, I was originally going to write about this trip as one post, but after hitting 2000 words on this one and only being about 5 days into the trip I figured it would be better to split everything along a few posts instead. This will cover our time from Kagoshima up to Himeji. At the end of this (and each of the additional) post I will give some general tips for making the best of a trip over there.

Finding the why in F.I.

Live like nobody else now so you can live like nobody else later


16 minute read

Go to college, study hard, get an internship, land your first job, save 8-10% of your income every year, work for 40 years, and finally spend the last few years of your life living comfortably. That’s the American dream… right? Well, I don’t know about you, but that’s the American dream I was told about growing up.

How to accomplish anything

It's not clickbait, I promise.


12 minute read

I’m always excited to hear about others make big changes in their lives. The sacrifices I have made in my life have been so worth it when I finally saw the results that those sacrifices brought. (If you are reading this and are telling yourself, “Eh… life is going pretty well… There isn’t anything that I need to work on…” then you should read my last post before continuing).

Why don't we reach for more?

You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them. -Michael Jordan


8 minute read

I have been on a big podcast kick over the last few months. I’m typically someone that likes to listen to music each day, but after taking a deep-dive into the FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early - I’ll probably have a much longer post on that in the future, but for the time if you would like to know more check out Mr. Money Mustache, The Mad Fientist, or Choose FI) and minimalism world it’s hard to even want to listen to music. I have started to look at my commute time…

Why Static

Let's talk whats going on behind the scenes.


6 minute read

Over the last few years I have had the chance to build out cloud capabilities for companies in AWS, and I have really loved the flexibility that building things static/serverless has brought. I considered making a dynamic blog, but I’ll be honest - I really hate Wordpress. Don’t get me wrong - I think it is a great site for what it does and it provides a lot of people with a way to get websites up and running without much technical knowledge, and that is great. I just don’t…