Hey! I’m Thad. I’m an IT consultant for Pariveda Solutions, a software consulting firm in Dallas, Texas. I have a huge love for travel, fitness, learning, financial independence, and photography. My free time seems to be be split between:

  • Side projects (such as this one)
  • Learning Japanese (日本語!)
  • Cooking and eating healthy
  • Exercise and fitness

I made this website in an attempt to keep a better record of my experiences, but also to try to help share any knowledge or tips that have let me live my best life.

We each only get one shot at this life, so why not try to help everyone else out in any way we can?

Technical Jargon

This project is built using Hugo, an incredible framework written in go that compiles all of your data into static files in seconds. Hugo is one of a few really incredible frameworks that are based off of JAMstack.

The total build pipeline looks something like this:

  • Git repo on my local machine
  • Code is written and updated, then committed to AWS CodeCommit
  • Code is deployed via AWS CodeDeploy
  • Static code is uploaded to an S3 bucket
  • Cloudfront distribution sits in front of the S3 bucket
  • Route 53 handles URL / Routing

Shout out to Danny Linden who wrote this incredible guide (along with creating the terraform boilerplate) for doing 99% of the heavy lifting.

I have a blog post here if you want to read more about this project specifically and my plans for the future with it.